July 28, 2023

Thanks for the feedback – CAP receives strong public support!

Last Friday the Collaborative wrapped up the public comment period on the 41 CAP recommendations shared at last month’s public open house. Between the event and online comment forms, over 85 people provided comments spanning all five of the CAP sectors. The CAP Collaborative Board looks forward to reviewing the public comments today at their monthly Board meeting.

The public comment forum provided an opportunity for all members of the public to share their views on what the CAP recommendations were getting right, what might be missing and general comments about the proposed recommendations. In general there was overall positive support for the recommendations, and it is evident that the CAP is moving forward in the right direction for our community.

Comments frequently shared during the comment period:


Getting right: Implementing code that minimizes outdoor energy use into new building plans. Steps to identify high energy use homes and guidance to take action.

Missing: Financial incentives/resources for energy efficient equipment/capital upgrades. More cost analyses. 2050 goals should be higher. 


Getting right: Strong support for promoting and supporting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and improved access to and funding for public transportation.

Missing: Incentives for electric vehicles, not just infrastructure.


Getting right: Improving access to recycling, compost and waste reduction programs (particularly through the establishment of a county-wide Community Recycling Drop-off site)

Missing: Inclusion of schools in waste reduction programs.

Land Use 

Getting right: Actionable, natural climate solution recommendations – reforestation, land preservation, wildfire mitigation and wetlands restoration.

Missing: Increase strictness of oil and gas development regulations.


Getting right: Green purchasing programs, workforce training and support and expansion of local/green businesses.

Missing: Financial incentives for a circular economy.


Getting right: Multiple, diverse stakeholders involved and engaged in the plan. Good planning, organization and forum for public engagement. Actionable recommendations.

Missing: How is equity weaved through the CAP? Greater involvement with school district on CAP initiatives/actions. Not aggressive enough – emissions must be cut faster. Where will implementation funds come from? More intermittent goals to make sure actions are being met in a more timely manner. More public education and outreach. Creation of a team staffed to focus on implementation of the CAP initiatives and programs.